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Chinese Help Lines provides a channel for individuals to receive emotional and informational support from our trained volunteers.

A story narrated by one of our volunteers:

“Hello, this is Vicky, volunteer for the Mandarin line. I am now double-majoring Psychology and Family Studies at University of British Columbia, and I have been working on the line since May 2004.

My first intention for being a line volunteer was to get some “hand-on” experience. I believe that this experience would allow me to explore the rich and unique psychological and cultural characteristics of Chinese community as well as to apply textbook theories to real life situations. With enthusiasm, I also invited my friends to join the training with me. Unfortunately, their feedbacks were not as positive as I anticipated. I was at the point of no return: the registration form had been turned in! So there I was, trembling in anxiety and doubt, starting the two-month training.

Through sharing and learning with other volunteers, my uncertainty and doubt were quickly replaced by greater self-understanding and empathy for others. The actual online experience broadened my understanding for life. I heard how different age groups were affected differently by the same social event or news. At the same time, I observed the techniques and attitudes different individuals utilized in dealing with their crisis and problems. This was my very first close-up of ‘people’ and the very first time I learned about society in such a great depth. Besides online conversations, much inspiration was from my fellow volunteers and coordinators. Their generous contributions of time and effort in helping build a better community and their conscientious efforts in achieving self-actualization and growth had fascinated me.

By volunteering, I have come to understand that imperfection and crisis were just parts of a normal life process, and that upheavals can bring traumas as well as fosteer resiliency and strength within us. All these valuable learning, the wonderful volunteer friends I’ve got and stories of serendipity in my volunteer journey. I am very glad for being here.”

Do you want to help in this meaningful program?

If you are interested in putting your time and effort in a meaningful way, please call at 604-270-8611 or email to [email protected]

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