S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Youth Business Centre helps eligible young adult entrepreneurs under 30. In this personalized business support program we are empowering youths to establish a business in Canada. We help educate youths in Canadian business practices; management skills, we provide one on one consultation services. Beautiful British Columbia is home to 388,500 small businesses and in 2016 it accounted for 98% of all businesses and 79% of that had less than 5 employees*.
*Source: BC Stats, Small Business Profile 2016

Services include:

  • Confidential business counselling in franchising, sole proprietorship, partnership and incorporation services;
  • Business development that include analytical and practical hands-on training programs,
  • Workshops on how-to start a small business,
  • Short courses on marketing, business and financial management that include small business taxation, and
  • One-on-one consultation sessions and seminars.