Mission & Vision


S.U.C.C.E.S.S. derives its service mandate from purpose statement of the Society’s Constitution. The purposes of the Society are:

To promote the well-being of Canadians and immigrants of Chinese and other ethnic origins, and to encourage their full participation in community affairs in the spirit of multiculturalism
To assist in the settlement and integration of immigrants and citizens of Chinese and other ethnic origins in Canada, particularly those who have difficulties in English, by

  • providing adequate information on the available public services, and facilitating the delivery of such services when necessary;
  • providing social, health, employment and business services and training; and
  • fostering mutual understanding and assistance among the diverse communities

To develop, build, acquire, own, lease, maintain and manage housing developments and buildings for lease to or other uses by individuals and communities, and to organize, operate, manage and supervise community services and social services for their benefit.

To foster and promote social awareness and community involvement through civic education, volunteer and membership development and preventive social services.

To reflect the needs and issues of the community at large and the Chinese Canadian community in particular, to individuals, agencies and the public media, and to advocate for positive social changes.

To cooperate and work with other citizens and organizations for the well-being of Canadians and immigrants of Chinese and other ethnic origins.

To seek funding from government and/or other resources for the implementation of the aforementioned objectives.

S.U.C.C.E.S.S.’s commitment to diversity and inclusion – click here to learn more


A World of Multicultural Harmony.


S.U.C.C.E.S.S. builds bridges, harvests diversity and fosters integration through service and advocacy.


We cherish the following values and strive to demonstrate them in our service delivery and organizational operation.

  • Caring
  • Respect
  • Ethical
  • Integrity
  • Open
  • Inclusive
  • Innovative