Mr. Terry Wong

Terry Wong is a CFA and Vice President of Finance at the Vancity Savings Credit Union. Terry is also the Chief Financial Officer at Vancity’s subsidiary bank. In his dual responsibilities, Terry is a senior leader in the areas of finance and treasury management. He currently leads a team of professionals who manage the finances and monitors the financial risks for Vancity and its subsidiaries.

As a vice president at Vancity, he leads financial reporting and financial risk management strategies that enable growth and the achievement of Vancity’s goals. Prior to this role, Terry led as VP, treasury in managing market and liquidity risks at Vancity. He currently chairs the Asset Liability Committee for Vancity which is responsible for management of interest rate risk, systemic credit risk, liquidity risk, and the leverage/capital cushion.

Terry has had a number of other senior roles in developing and growing a foreign exchange business after starting his finance career as a junior foreign exchange trader. Prior to joining Vancity, Terry was a treasury analyst with the City of Vancouver where he managed the city’s investment portfolio and its banking relationships.