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China Overseas Chinese Association The Chinese Overseas Chinese Association is located in British Columbia, Canada, and is a multi-service organization. The association was established in 1973 and officially registered in the following year. The mission is to promote the well-being of Canadians and immigrants and encourage them to participate in community affairs. The services of the Association are mainly divided into five categories: social, employment, business and economic development, training and education, and health services provided by the China Overseas Care Services Association established in 1995.
The operating budget of the Association is about $17 million. About 71% of the annual operating expenses are funded by the government. The remaining funds need to be raised from the community. Fundraising methods include donations, membership fees, event fees, agency sponsorships, and fundraising activities. Many of the services provided by the Association for individuals and families are funded by non-government grants and are financed by charitable income. We also welcome your donation to designated projects or services.

Zhongqiao Charity Group Number: 10815 2349 RR0001

Support the Chinese Overseas Foundation and support our community

The Charity Fund, which was established in December 2001 by the China Overseas Foundation, is responsible for raising funds for the China Overseas Chinese Association and its subordinate organizations to support the work of the association to improve the community. To ensure that the China Overseas Chinese Association can continue to serve the community, the China Overseas Foundation has established the “Hengben Charity Fund” to generate stable and sufficient income.
The Association sincerely appeals to people from all walks of life to hope that the public can support our “Heng Ben Charitable Fund”. Contributions to support the “Heng Ben Charitable Fund” will be permanently retained in the fund for growth and appreciation, and the interest income generated by the fund will be used to pay for the services of the China Overseas Chinese Association. Support for the donation of the “Heng Ben Charitable Fund” will enable the endless community to benefit the community.

Zhongqiao Foundation Charity Number: 86197 4533 RR0001